Sectors of Interest

We are interested in opportunities the sectors of energy, transport, circular economy, smart city and industrial high-tech.
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As world population grows, and countries become more prosperous, demand for energy is increasing. According to the IEA’s central forecast scenario, global energy demand is set to grow by 37% by 2040. At the same time, the threat of climate change is limiting the use of traditional energy sources. In order to meet this demand, and to make the supply of energy secure and sustainable, innovative and efficient new ways to generate, store and use energy are required. Improving the energy efficiency of existing equipment and assets will make a significant contribution to the energy balance. We are looking to invest in technology companies that are working on solving these problems.

Transport is essential to driving the modern economy, but it is one of the largest sources of pollution, particularly in cities where transport has a significant impact on air quality and the health of residents. How can we make our modes of transport more energy efficient and less polluting? How can we manage transport assets so they are taken where they are needed? How can we develop our transport infrastructure to create resilient and efficient networks? How can we deal with congestion and minimise waste? We are interested in companies that are tackling these questions.

We see huge potential for innovation as a driving force behind the transition to a circular economy. To date, this sector has largely been under-serviced by the investment community, despite a wealth of innovation and many significant developments yet to come. In the EU, there is an opportunity for saving around $400bn in annual material costs if we transition to a circular economy. For businesses, the circular economy means lower costs of inputs, protection from fluctuating commodity prices, protection from supply chain risk, and more potential for wealth creation. There are opportunities to tackle more waste streams, and to design industrial processes for circularity, and we want to invest in the technologies that will make this possible.

The next wave of connectivity, already well underway, is bringing objects online, the so-called “Internet of Things” (IoT). This opens up enormous possibilities to improve, for example, how a city’s assets and infrastructure are used, ensuring resources are only used when they are needed, deploying them in the most cost-effective way, and extracting the maximum value from them. Urbanisation is increasing rapidly, and the growth in the number of multi-million cities brings with it a range of new problems and opportunities. We are excited about investing in technologies that will make cities smarter.

Industry consumes a huge amount of energy and resources, so there are many opportunities to reduce consumption by targeting this area. We are interested in investments that will make industrial equipment efficient and intelligent, as well as the impact of robotics and the Internet of Things on industry.